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0001806: JvDocking: tab docking not working with more than two forms?
I've just stumbled across something weird. When tab docking (VID and VSNet style), I can only tab two forms in the same dock area. After that, attempting to dock any other form, will never create a new tab. The third (and subsequent) form is docked in any of the other possible positions.

If I try to dock one form to another free floating dock form, I can only dock two forms to each other. Every subsequent attempt to dock a form is ignored.

Anyone else seeing this?
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2004-10-03 15:16   
Is this fixed now?
2004-10-04 05:27   
I'll have to check when I get home (don't want to mess with updating JVCL at work). Stay tuned!
2004-10-04 11:20   
Tried this and there are no problems docking three (tried with 5) and more forms so that there are tabs. Using the anom. CVS from yesterday.