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2232 00 JVCL Components minor always 2004-10-17 01:24 2004-10-17 09:00
resolved 3.00 BETA 2  
none 3.00 RC 1  
0002232: bug in TjvSearchFiles
line 497 in JvSearchFiles.pas has written
if cFileName[0] <> '.' then

it should be
if (cFileName <> '.') or (cFileName <> '..') and AnsiStrIComp(cFileName, 'System Volume Information') = 0 then

Why folder names can begin with . (dot)
I have successfully created folder '.net' not in
windows explorer but in command line with md .net
We should also skip 'System Volume Information' folder
I have the experience of Search failing if we would like to search in that folder or even crashin application.

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2004-10-17 09:00 remkobonte Note Added: 0005417

2004-10-17 09:00   
* I have added function IsDotOrDotDot that replaces the cFileName[0] <> '.' check.
* I have added 2 flags to TJvSearchFiles.Options:

  o soIncludeSystemHiddenDirs
  o soIncludeSystemHiddenFiles

that are default off. So at default the component does NOT search in directories that are both hidden and system (such as 'System Volume Information'), and does NOT return files that are both hidden and system (such as IO.SYS)