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2613 00 JVCL Components feature always 2005-02-09 10:55 2005-07-25 05:34
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0002613: Add column names to first row of CSV export in TJvDBGridCSVExport
There are several components that allow data to be directly exported to a grid, each with a different target file type (csv, xls, doc, html and xml). If I export to the xls format, then in Excel, I will see column names for headings.

The CSV export does not add column names as a header row (makes sense to me that it would).
In addition, the current algorithm for creating the export always leaves a comma at the end of each line, creating a scenario where there will always be an empty column (logically) at the end of each row. This will become more apparent of column headings are added.

? file icon JvDBGridExport.pas [^] (35,690 bytes) 2005-02-09 10:55
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2005-05-19 07:23   
A small demo application would be most welcome.
To anyone implementing this: Make it an option so that the user can choose to get the headers or not.
2005-07-24 10:29   
It seems to be done, so i think we can close the case?