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0002614: problem with empty subtitle text in TJvWizardCustomPage
if subtitle (and i think tile) text in TJvWizardWelcomePage or TJvWizardInteriorPage is set to an empty string:

The text "subtitle" comme back at run time.

If i close the project and then reopen it, again the text subtitle comme back.

It seem to me that it is a problem with the definition of the property, but i am not an expert with thoses:

property Subtitle: TJvWizardPageTitle read GetSubtitle write SetSubtitle stored False;

maybe "stored False" is not the right way ?
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2005-02-09 12:27   
a way to bypass this problem is to set the text to a single space and not to an empty string
2005-02-14 12:50   
The page's Title and Subtitle properties are actually only aliases for Header.Title and Header.Subtitle, so they need not be stored.

It seems the problem lies with the missing setters for Title and SubTitle. Please try the attached unit

2005-02-19 06:30   
Proposed fix is now in CVS