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2810 00 JVCL Components minor always 2005-03-28 14:54 2005-03-31 07:48
resolved 3.00 BETA 2  
none 3.10  
0002810: With D5, nothing calls TJvCustomComboBox.CloseUp
I think this is an error, but not having a later version of Delphi, I'm not sure. Anyway, from what I can tell, nothing will ever call TJvCustomComboBox.CloseUp when compiled with D5. It looks to me like, with D5, TJvCustomComboBox should add a CNCommand message handler which responds to CBN_CLOSEUP by calling CloseUp (I assume this is how it is done in later versions).
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2005-03-31 07:48   
Thanks, this is now fixed in CVS, please use the latest version (1.64) of JvComboBox.pas