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0002999: Bad drawing of the TjvSpeedButton when XP themes are enabled (after fixing 0002918)
When the XP theme is applied, I have the folowing strange behaviour of the TJvSpeedButton - when the mouse enters that control, the latter is highlighted, what is correct, but when the mouse leaves the control, the highlighting remains. That all happens when Transparent = false, with Transparent = true everything is correct. But before recent changes in CSV everything worked correct regardless of Transparent value.
child of 0002918resolved AHUser Bad drawing of the TjvSpeedButton when XP themes are enabled 
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The issue is now fixed without the BitBlt call. The actual problem is that the PerformEraseBackground function painted the background at the wrong position when it was used on the MemDC from the WM_PAINT handler. This is now fixed.