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3982 00 JVCL Components tweak N/A 2006-11-05 22:59 2006-11-06 02:17
resolved 3.20  
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0003982: Deleting the component that is assigned to TJvDBSpinEdit.DataSource property produce an exception
Assume, that we have TJvDBSpinEdit.DataSource equals to MyDataSource1. Now we delete MyDataSource1. JvDBSpinEdit still contains a link to this component and it produce an exception.

Reason: TJvDBSpinEdit.SetDataSource calls DataSource.FreeNotification,
        but Notification method is never handled.

Solution: We should override protected method Notification like this:
procedure TJvDBSpinEdit.Notification(AComponent: TComponent;
  Operation: TOperation);
  inherited Notification(aComponent, Operation);
  if (Operation = opRemove) and (FDataLink <> nil) and
     (aComponent = DataSource) then DataSource := nil;
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