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0003993: ThemeManager in BCB5 is in my BCB\Projects\Bpl and installer not found the .BPL
I use BCB5Pro and JVCL3-2006-11-07.
My ThemeManager is standard installed, and ThemeManagerC5,bpl is in BCB\Projects\Bpl.

1) If I check the JVCL Option Theme XP, during compiling of JVCL, I'am this error:
Required package 'ThemeManagerC5' not found.

Another question:
2) In floating help is writed:
ThemeManager must be compiled with "never-build package".
I not know Delphi and the correspondent BCB option.

Is 1) a bug?
Can You send to me a perfect description of the options for my BCB5 to solve the problem n. 2)?

Carmelo Viavattene
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2006-11-09 02:10   
1 is because you don't have the DCP file (see newsgroups)
2 is the same with C++ Builder, simply open the package file (bpk) and look in the options.
2006-11-20 01:59   
Now resolved, see readme file for details taken from newsgroup discussion