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5143 00 JVCL Components block always 2010-01-29 23:19 2011-06-10 16:09
resolved 3.38  
none 3.40  
0005143: JvScheduledEvents -> "cannot assign a TJvEventCollectionItem to a TJvEventCollectionItem"
Occurred in D2010 Pro and Delphi 7 Pro

Tried adding a frame to the main project after a simple JvImage (with a pic in it) was added. I then tried adding a event to the frame. I got
"cannot assign a TJvEventCollectionItem to a TJvEventCollectionItem"
Seems to be in 3.38 and 3.39 versions.
I originally thought the error was related to the TJvAppIniFileStorage component but seems not to be because I eliminated it from the project. Next, I mimicked the project layout in the sample I'm submitting. I noticed that if the image is added to the project AFTER the frame is added there "seems" to not be a problem. Since moving the JvScheduledEvents on the frame leads to the error dialog box, I'm assuming the main form is having a problem streaming properties to the dfm.
Sample provided does reproduce conditions on my machine by simply trying to add a event to the JvScheduledEvents component.
zip file icon JvScheduledEvents [^] (140,889 bytes) 2010-01-29 23:19
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2010-03-08 16:18   
I'm sorry, but what should I do with your demo? There does not seem to be any button I could click on to trigger a bug
2010-03-16 23:35   
Fixed in SVN.

The TJvEventCollectionItem class didn't have a Assign() override that is required for visual inheritance and frames.