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5418 04 Feature Request feature always 2010-11-24 10:42 2012-09-10 14:15
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0005418: Added a few features for your review to the JvPlugin source.
Jedi plug-in feature modifications 11/24/2010, thought I'd share.

Why : I needed inner-module communication so I added some things..

1) Added non-published event property for the Host within the Plug-in class that fires when a plug-in calls broadcast. ->All loaded plug-ins<- can get messages through plug-in manager. Nothing special need be done.

2) Added published event property in Host that fires when messages are received. Originator does not receive it's own messages. (There's no message looping).

3) Added ability to pass objects between modules (plug-in to plug-in). ShareMEM
required when doing this.
EXEs, demo project, source and patches included.

*Tested with D7 and D2010. Both work. Not checked for leaks.
*Recommended FastMM ( usage for ShareMem replacement.
*D2010 will upgrade the D7 project.
*All output files need to be outputted to same directory.
*Basic BDE and demo tables required for demo project.

*In the demo project you find most of work being done by the plug-ins with
the host controller just listening. Unlike (I think) the other demos this one
operates mostly plug-in to plug-in. The form in the demo also has easy
access to the plug-in hosting it. I think the demo mimics structurally closer too something I might write so that's why I made it.
zip file icon JVPlug Mods and [^] (1,760,273 bytes) 2010-11-24 10:42
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