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6056 00 JVCL Components minor always 2013-01-02 23:18 2015-09-14 13:20
resolved 3.47  
none 3.48  
0006056: The plugin wizard (version 3.47 of the jvcl)
The plugin wizard links to a non existent compiled package [jvCoreD7R.dcp]. I ascertain that it is probably that the code for the wizard itself hasn't been updated recently to reflect changes in package naming or updated packages.

The fix for it currently is just to remove the jvCoreD7R.dcp reference from the project manager and then attempt to build the project again. This will trigger the compiler/linker to fix the problem and reference the correct packages and units in the project's source.

If I knew a bit more about writing wizards in Delphi I'd jump in and try to fix it myself. Maybe in the near future. Thanks for the great component library.
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2013-01-15 16:11   
It must use JvCore, and then there is a search path to be added
2013-01-15 16:14   
Generation is now fixed in SVN