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6419 00 JVCL Components tweak always 2015-07-12 05:47 2019-05-22 17:46
Gustavo Costa  
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0006419: Position of TJvDesktopAlert with multi screen
When we are using the TJvDesktopAlert, with property Location.Position = dapBottomRight, with multi monitors, the alert is showed always in the main monitor.

I think that it is better to show the alert in bottom, right of the monitor where the active form is showing.

Or add this option in Location.Position.
I've tried and works using the follow code in the JvJVCLUtils.ScreenWorkArea function

Result := Screen.MonitorFromWindow(Screen.ActiveForm.Handle).WorkareaRect;
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2015-09-14 11:26   
Please provide the zipped sources of a sample application showing this
2019-05-04 13:09   
The first attachment can be deleted, my mistake - sorry!
For the second: unzip it on a computer with 2 displays. Run it and click the button. No matter on which screen the application is, the alert will always be shown at the same position: at the bottom right of the main monitor.
2019-05-04 13:25   
Created this pull request for the issue now: [^]

If implemented the alert (run attached demo after implementing the fix) does not always appear on the main screen bottom right, but on the bottom right of the screen the form calling the alert is on.