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6445 General API block always 2015-09-17 23:37 2019-04-25 21:37
0006445: JvInterpreter_all won't compile on Delphi 10 Seattle
When I try to install JVCL on Delphi 10 Seattle with the install, the installation fails because JvInterpreter_all.pas won't compile. The error message is D:\jedi\Jvcl_Git\jvcl\jvcl\run\JvInterpreter_all.pas(60) Fatal: F2613 Unit 'JvInterpreter_DBTables' not found.
Options used:
Build packages: no
IDE Registration: yes
Clear JVCL component palettes: yes
JVCL Developer installation: no
compile debug units: no
Generate Map files: yes
Link Map files in binaries: yes
Compress Map files to .jdbg: no
delete after linking/compression: yes
BPL Directory: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\17.0\Bpl
Register global design editors: yes
dxgettest support: no
Register JvGif for .gif: yes
Unit Versioning: no
Verbose compiler output: yes
Do not stop on errors: no
Add BPL Directory to PATH: no

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2018-07-18 15:46   
Could you check if the issue is still present in the latest GIT content? If yes, please provide the zipped sources of an application showing this.
2018-07-19 18:23   
I no longer have Delphi 10 Seattle installed.
2018-10-28 17:15   
Does this work in the Delphi version you have installed now?
If not, can you check if the JvInterpreter_DBTables.pas file is in your JVCL directories somewhere or not?
2019-03-07 21:18   
In my current cloned JVCL repository this file is there several times in several subfolders with several different sizes. Is this really necessary?
2019-04-25 21:37   
What to do with this report?
In the current version JvInterpreter_DBTables.pas is in the run directory, so it should compile (at least it did for me in Rio Update 1 GetIt JVCL installation)