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feedback 3.48  
0006576: TJvTransparentButton: Make position of the image configurable
TJvTransparentButton contains an Images property where one can assign image lists to various sub properties and select which image from the list to be displayed via the ImageIndex.

So far so good, but the image is always placed in the center of the button, which is quite inflexible and limiting. Can we please get either one alignment property for the image or individual alignment subproperties for all the different "situation" image lists?

The alignment should at minimum provide the following values:
- left
- right
- top
- bottom
- center
In the product version list here in Mantis versions newer than 3.48 are missing in the product version combobox.
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2018-07-18 15:55   
Could you check if the issue is still present in the latest GIT content? If yes, please provide the zipped sources of an application showing this.
2018-10-28 17:09   
I just downloaded the newest JCL and JVCL zip GitHub gave me and installed them into a Berlin update 2 installation.

Here my findings regarding this button:
1. I still see no alignment property for the state images I specify via
   the sub properties of the Images property. It has a general align
   property, but that's for the button itself.

2. I defined an ActivaImage and a GrayImage. Both different images.
   When I change FrameStyle from "Explorer" to "Dark" the form designer
   no longer displays the GrayImage but the ActiveImage. Changing this
   setting back changes the image back.

3. When clicking the elipsis button for the Glyph property I can select a png
   file in the file open dialog, but then I get a "invalid graphic format"
   failure message. I attached the stack trace the IDE gave me for this as a
2018-11-10 03:32   
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This one can be closed, as the TextAlign property can already be used to achieve this glyph positioning.