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0006580: TimeFramework Hint handling
Usage of Description and DisplayText of an appointment is not consistent.

Description is is used as popup-hintbut also in TJvTFWeeks and TJvTFMonths as displayed text in the control. This makes a formatted description useless as both components strips CRLF in displaying the popup-hint.

There should be a clear differentiation between

- DisplayText: Shown if not editable; Single Line, CRLF stripped.
- Description: Shown if editable; Formatted or not according Option.
- HintText: Always shown as hint; Formatted as given.
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2018-07-18 15:54   
Could you check if the issue is still present in the latest GIT content? If yes, please provide the zipped sources of an application showing this.
2019-03-11 22:36   
If it is still an issue can you make concrete suggestions how to modify the source code?