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0006681: JvRichEdit: programmatically set text selection not displayed
In order to investigate Mantis issue 6395 I tried to develop a small test program. This program, when run in Rio, standard Windows VCL theme used in a Windows 10 VM and selecting some text via code (SelStart and SelLength) the text seems to be selected inside the JvRichEdit, but the selection is not drawn.

When clicking with the mouse in the area of the selected text the selection is shortly shown. When clicking with the mouse at some other text position nothing visible happens (maybe cursor is being placed there, but that's not what we're after).

1. unzip attached demo app
2. run it
3. click the button

Exp.: parts of the 2nd word are drawn selected
Act.: nothing visually happens

4. click with mouse on the 2nd word of the text

Act.: the selected part of the text is shown selected for a moment, then the selection vanishes.

5. click with the mouse on some other part of the text

Exp.: nothing special happens
Act.: nothing special happens
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