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0006683: TJvFileListbox.AutoUpdate not working if Directory property changes
With TJvFileListbox.AutoUpdate := true one can have a TJvFileListbox automatically refresh its contents if new files are being added to the directory or files are being deleted.

Unfortunatelly changing the .Directory property at runtime tries to update the internal notification component, but the way it uses does not work. If one only changes the directory property of the TJvChangeNotify component's Notofication[0] property it will not inform the OS about the change.
As I'm not sure how or whether we should fix TJvChangeNotify, I developed a workaround: deactivate notifications before assigning the directory, then reactivate them.

In order to show the failure run the attached demo and click on any folder in the directory list box. Then copy or create a .pas file in the folder you selected there. It will not immediately appear in the file list box. It appears if you go to another directory and back via the directory listbox.
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