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0001433JEDI VCL04 Feature Requestpublic2004-04-05 04:49
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Summary0001433: TJvDBLookupTreeViewCombo.FullExpand does not exist.
DescriptionThere's no way to tell the component that I want the treeview expand, except setting AutoExpand to True. But AutoExpand does not always expand al the branches.
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2004-03-06 10:46

reporter   ~0003247

(Copy and pasted from my reply in the newsgroup)

I took a glance at the code and you should be able to do it, but it
requires a change in the JvDBLookupTreeView unit. I'm not able to test
it myself but you could try something like this:

At the end of TJvDBLookupTreeViewCombo.DropDown method, just before the
call to Repaint, add this line:


If it works this behaviour should of course be implemented with a
published boolean property of the TJvDBLookupTreeViewCombo class, named
something like FullExpand.


2004-04-02 11:03


Please provide a working implementation or we will not be able to proceed with this issue.

2004-04-05 03:10 (10,196 bytes)


2004-04-05 03:16

reporter   ~0003645

I made the changes I suggested (added a property FullExpand and invoke FDataList.FTree.FullExpand in TJvDBLookupTreeViewCombo.DropDown), but as I said before: I could not test it. (It compiles though.)

I uploaded the file if anyone can/want to verify that it works. Otherwise I suggest you close this issue.


2004-04-05 03:18


Thanks. Added to CVS


2004-04-05 03:24

viewer   ~0003647

Last edited: 2004-04-05 03:28

Oh, I was too quick! I see now that someone named "zelen" made similar changes. He called his property Expanded though. Now, there are two properties that does the same thing (Expanded and FullExpand). Please remove my changes.

P.S. (and BTW) I'm hasse42g (Hans-Eric Grönlund).

edited on: 04-05-04 03:28


2004-04-05 04:49


I like FullExpand better because it corresponds to the name of the treeview property so I removed Expanded instead.

Wonder how zelen got his changes into CVS?

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