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0001465JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-03-27 12:05
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Summary0001465: TJvComboEdit: restore Glyph property
DescriptionFrom Vladimir Borzov:

In the component TjvComboEdit you have switched off the ability of working with Glyph for Button, except for the ability of using ImageList. I have many components created on the basis of this component and it takes much labour to update them. Could you not please leave this property working?

There are files in the attachment: jvToolEdit.pas - with, as it seems to me, a working Glyph, in which all changes I marked with the line "bvsoft" (there are only few of them), and a small example.
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2004-03-10 11:18 (24,932 bytes)


2004-03-10 14:30

developer   ~0003305

Whoops, I have said that I would change it back, but totally forgot about that. Will do it in the coming days.


2004-03-27 12:05


Fixed in CVS (by Remko)

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