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0001507JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-03-21 04:55
ReportercraigismAssigned Toremkobonte 
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Summary0001507: TJvRichEdit (stream errors as of 03/20/04)

Changing either property cause a stream error.

I was not able to load any of my existing DFM forms.
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2004-03-21 02:21


Cannot reproduce this. Do you save your DFM's as binary or text. Do you use different Delphi versions with the same project?


2004-03-21 04:55

developer   ~0003416

It was a design-time problem.

(new code did check whether streamed assumed that something went wrong when the #bytes streamed in equals 0, but that goes wrong with empty rich edit controls with PlainText set to true).

Fixed in Rev. 1.40, see:

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