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0001508JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-06-25 05:02
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Summary0001508: close button in TJvDockVSNETTabPageControl?
DescriptionIt will be good to have close button on every tabsheet
in TJvDockVSNETTabPageControl as it is in Delphi8.
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2004-03-22 21:56


If you can provide us with a starting point on how to implement it, it will probably be done a lot faster...


2004-03-25 08:13

reporter   ~0003473

hmm, since it is a Visual Studio .NET DockStyle, wouldn't it be ever better to leave it as it is and make a new one as TJvDelphiNET or so?

Just a thought ...


2004-03-26 10:48


That is probably a good idea. An idea for implementation is needed in any case.


2004-03-29 06:30

viewer   ~0003494

I would suggest adding this feature to TJvDockCustomTabControl in JvDockSupportControl.pas. Add an additional property for activating/deactivating the feature, and it will be available in all dock styles.


2004-03-29 11:46


Still. How does one add a button to a tab in a tabcontrol? Cannot find anything on MSDN about it. I seriously doubt Borland is using a TTabControl in D8...


2004-06-25 05:02


Unable to find a working method to add a button to a TTabSheet, so won't do this

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