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0001520JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-01 04:20
ReporterxerkanAssigned Toogiesen 
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Summary0001520: TPageControl and TjvDatePickerEdit
DescriptionCuando hay un TjvDBDatePickerEdit desplegado en un TPageControl y se pulsa a otra pagina del PageControl da un mensaje diciendo que no se puede asignar el foco
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2004-03-30 23:03

developer   ~0003532

According to Babelfish, what you're trying to say is that when you place a TJvDBDatePickerEdit on a TPageControl and switch to another page you get a "Cannot assign focus" error message (or something along those lines). Is that it?

If so, I cannot reproduce it. I use the control on PageControl pages all the time without any such problems. How have you set the control up? What properties did you modify from their defaults (e.g. AllowNoDate, ShowCheckbox, NoDateText etc.). Does the behaviour have anything to do with whether the dataset is in Edit mode or not? Does the control have to have the focus before switching pages in order to produce the error? Which version of Delphi are you compiling with and on what OS?

2004-03-31 13:12


page.avi (117,760 bytes)


2004-03-31 13:18

reporter   ~0003545

i'm upload video with show bug


2004-04-01 01:55

developer   ~0003550

Ah, OK. I can now reproduce this. Looking into it...


2004-04-01 04:20

developer   ~0003563

Revision 1.32 of JvDatePickerEdit.pas now has the fix. As always, if you're accessing the sources via the anonymous :pserver: CVS account or the ViewCvs web interface, you might have to wait a few hours before the read-only repositories are synced with the production servers.

Thanks for reporting! Keep on testing! ;)

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