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0001536JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-01 11:32
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Summary0001536: JvDocking -Loading / Saving layout from/to file does not work without USEJVCL
DescriptionIf USEVCL is not defined: There is a call to TMemIniFile.Flush in JvDockControlForm.pas, line 1513. At least in Delphi 7 there is no such method. I guess it can be deleted, as immediately after it there is a call to Update, which should do it.
Also, there are exceptions when saving and loading the docktree. Just try to use MSDNDemo with USEJVCL not defined.
Additional Informationcurrent cvs from 2004-03-28
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2004-03-28 22:23


That's an error: it should be UpdateFile, not Flush.


2004-03-29 06:24

viewer   ~0003493

> Also, there are exceptions when saving
> and loading the docktree. Just try to use
> MSDNDemo with USEJVCL not defined.

What's with that issue? It is still unfixed in current CVS. I investigated further: When saving the DockTree I get an access violation in JvDockInfo.pas at line 886.
The last line command of SaveDockTreeToFile() is JvDockInfoTree.Free; The destructor of TJvDockBaseTree for some reason starts an BackwardScanTree() which finally leads to the above error.


2004-03-29 09:23


Anonymous CVS is delayed and can take up to 48 hours to be current. Please try again at a later time.

I am not getting any AV's in JvDockInfo (or anywhere else for that matter) when closing down.

2004-03-30 06:23


jvdocking (2,699 bytes)


2004-03-30 06:23

viewer   ~0003518

Try uploaded example. Run application and click "Save".


2004-03-30 11:50


Ah, not good. Try attached units


2004-03-31 08:02

viewer   ~0003542

No exception this time, but the created file is totally empty. Note that everything works when USEJVCL is defined.
Perhaps the bug is in line 878 of JvDockInfo.pas:

  > FJvDockInfoStyle := isReadFileInfo;

This causes the following "else if FJvDockInfoStyle = isWriteFileInfo" never to be executed. However, if I uncomment the line above, there are AVs when loading the dock tree.


2004-03-31 08:25


That line should definitely not be there. Are you sure you've replaced all the files (and dcu's!) included in the zip?

I get content as well as no AV's


2004-04-01 08:10

viewer   ~0003570

just tested again - still there are access violations. the JvDockInfo.pas from the attachted archive contains the line mentioned above. perhaps you uploaded the wrong units?

2004-04-01 08:44 (68,464 bytes)


2004-04-01 08:46


I've uploaded a new zip that works for me. Note that you cannot call LoadFromXXX before all forms are created, so you can't use FormCreate of the MainForm. I use FormShow and then set OnShow := nil;


2004-04-01 09:04


Also tested with the MSDN sample


2004-04-01 09:43

viewer   ~0003575

ok, works now for me too. you can close the issue - thanks.


2004-04-01 11:32


Updated in CVS

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