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0001551JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-01 08:53
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Summary0001551: JvSpeedButton setting HotGlyph not possible (JVCL 2)
DescriptionSetting a HotGlyph for a JvSpeedButton sets the Glyph property not the HotGlyph.
HotGlyph allways stays unassigned.
A formerly assigned Glyph get's replaced by the Bitmap selected with the HotGlyph property editor.
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2004-04-01 02:51


This works in JVCL 3 and since we don't do JVCL 2 bug fixes anymore, you will have to upgrade or apply the fix yourself.


2004-04-01 06:32

viewer   ~0003567

Well too bad JVCL 2 get's abandoned without 3 being in release state. I can understand that development focuses on forward issues and preferes not to lock back but having JVCL 3 in a released product is just to hot at the moment being.

Well let's not let things stay unfixed.

2004-04-01 06:33


JvxCtrls.pas (163,720 bytes)


2004-04-01 06:34

viewer   ~0003568

The attached file holds a fix for the mentioned behavior.

If admins pleas can have a short look at it this might well find it's way into the JCVL 2 cvs tree.


2004-04-01 08:53


> Well too bad JVCL 2 get's abandoned without 3 being in release state.
Well, too bad we are not hundreds of people spending our free time on JVCL instead of 4 or 5 but that's the reality.

Unless more people are intersted in pitching in, we have to choose what we prefer to do: work with old code or work with new code. I guess most of us prefer new code...

Anyway, I've added your fix to JVCL 2.10. Thanks.

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