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0001564JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-03 01:12
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Summary0001564: JvScrollMax: Anchored components on panel will behave bad

Place a maxpanel on a form. Place a button on the maxpanel. Achor the button to the right side. Set the maxpanel to align to the form. When starting, resize the form before showing it. When you show it, you will find that the button did not move with the right side. After it's visible, all will work ok.

This problem is commonly encountered when dealing with maxpanels and pagecontrols.

This is because the width is set to 0 before it's visible. If it remembers the design width, you will have no problems with this. Here is the fix:

on TJvScrollMaxBand = class(TJvCustomControl) change

  property Width stored False;
  property Height stored False;

  property Width;
  property Height;
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2004-04-03 01:12


Fixed in CVS. Thanks.

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