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0001610JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-10 05:14
ReporterMarkus SpoettlAssigned Tomarcelb 
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Summary0001610: JvInspector: Double-Click doesn't open category if clicked to the right of devider
DescriptionI've just discovered a small issue with double-clicking a category item: It only toggles the state (expanded/collapsed) when you double click the category left of the devider. If you double-click it right to the devider it doesn't. Do you want me to file a report for that?
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2004-04-10 05:14

manager   ~0003780

In TJvCustomInspector.MouseDown, somewhere near the end:
      if PtInRect(Item.Rects[iprBtnDstRect], Point(X, Y)) or
        ((ssDouble in Shift) and (Item.IsCategory or (XB < Pred(DividerAbs)))) then
    the '(Item.IsCategory or 'section is added, and an additional closing parenthesis.

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