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0001618JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-11 05:28
ReporterMarkus SpoettlAssigned Tomarcelb 
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Summary0001618: JvInspector, minor category painting issue
Descriptionthere is a minimal painting issue (tested only with .NET painter), when you have 2 category items following each, the line deviding them is broken by one pixel at the devider position. See screen shot.
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2004-04-10 07:09


micropaintissue.gif (3,018 bytes)
micropaintissue.gif (3,018 bytes)


2004-04-11 05:28

manager   ~0003801

In TJvInspectorDotNETPainter.DoPaint:

  if not (Item.IsCategory) then
    PaintDivider(Rects[iprItem].Left + Inspector.DividerAbs, Pred(Rects[iprItem].Top),

  (the second condition of the if statement has been removed).

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