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0001636JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-01-05 08:15
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Summary0001636: duplicate resource error if certain files in archive are used
DescriptionThe JvConst.pas references JvConst.res in the archive directory. This resource file is the same as the JvConsts.res in the run directory. If a project uses files that reference both, (In my case I have not found a suitable replacement for the JvFormStorage) you will get a duplicate resource error for JV_HANDCUR and JV_DRAGCUR. I changed the resource IDs for these in the archive directory and moved on, but I don't like having a version that differs from your release. Thanks
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2004-04-14 17:09

developer   ~0003864

The files in archive are no longer maintained and so they become incompatible to the JVCL 3.


2004-04-20 12:05


We don't update files in \archive so this will happen from time to time


2005-11-16 05:00

viewer   ~0008090

This is un-acceptable


2005-11-22 03:34

developer   ~0008108

It's up to you to change this situation. Make your changes to the archive directory and attachthem to this or to a new Mantis report.

We are too few people to maintain all obsolute files.


2006-01-05 08:15

administrator   ~0008294

As indicated, we don't maintain OLD and OBSOLETE files. Update your project to use the latest components, the process to do this is in the help files.

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