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0001663JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-18 01:56
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Summary0001663: JvDocking - Can't find Form
DescriptionI just installed and when I drop a JvDocking Component on my Form, Delphi complains that it cannot find 'JvDockTabHost.dfm'.

Additional InformationI copied 'JvDockTabHost.dfm' from 'jvcl\run' into jvcl\lib\d6' and it works.
I guess it's the installers job, isn't it?!

BTW, when I add the 'jvcl\run' directory to the librarypath, Delphi comes up with errors that TObject isn't defined, so copying the *.dfm files was the easiest workaround for me.
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2004-04-18 01:56


Yes, the lib paths added to Delphi depends on the setting of "JVCL Developer installation" but the installer doesn't copy the dfm's for you when needed. This will (probably) be resolved in the next release

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