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0001666JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-19 13:06
ReportercraigismAssigned Tojfudickar 
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Summary0001666: JvFormStorage: stopped supporting string lists.
DescriptionJvFormStorage I think it stopped supporting string lists.

I have a combo's item list 'edtBarcode.items' in the formstorage and I
use a JvAppIniFileStorge.

Here is what I get:
[TfrmMain..edtBarcode_Items] << note the two '..'
Item0=Z 0000
Item1=Z 1289

Also I does not read back the data at application start.

Additional InformationThe extra line (Item2=) is because I had a blank line in the origional
edtBarcode combo. This is the workaround for the Delphi bug with win 98
and combos.
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2004-04-18 23:53


Do you have the latest version from CVS? There has been some fixes since the BETA1 release

2004-04-19 06:54 (4,931 bytes)


2004-04-19 06:56

reporter   ~0003950

>>Do you have the latest version from CVS? There has been some fixes since the BETA1 release

Yes. I use CVS.

Also, how do I hard save and reload the ini ar run time. See my uploaded example. This might be a second bug.

Thank You,



2004-04-19 13:01

developer   ~0003960

Hi Craig,

i've fixed a bug in TJvAppIniStorage. It was a problem in Combination with your defaultsection of the Storage component. Please get it from the cvs and check it.

The problem of the double ".." is based on your FormStorage AppStoragePath. Change it, and the dots where removed.


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