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0001674JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-04-01 05:50
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Summary0001674: Row height, graphics and memo fields in TJvDBGrid
DescriptionIt would be nice to change Row heigh on TJvDBGrid. With this change we could also show graphic fields and memo fields. Of course the problem is how we should tell to the grid that some blob field should be displayed as graphic or as memo, may be can be new properies such "GraphicFields" and/or "MemoFields" setting to something like 'Field1;Field2'.
Additional InformationFor the loading mechanism of graphics fields we can use the same as TJvDBImage
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2004-04-22 00:22


The proposed changes are not that easy to implement (IIRC, DBGrid sets the row height based on the font size and it's not so easy overriding that) and will probably not be done any time soon.

If someone feel up to it, please feel free to implement.


2004-05-24 01:18


JvDBGrid will probably be merged with recently donated UltimDbGrid soon, so I don't think we will see any fixes before that


2004-06-24 09:00

viewer   ~0004616

Last bug note was a month ago.
AFAIK Peter will not have time to do that, I could do it but I will need support since Im more core developer than GUI.



2005-04-01 05:50

administrator   ~0006806

From Fred and Dom:
the RowsHeight and ShowMemo features have been implemented some
months ago and the display of graphic fields is left to users (an
example is provided for JvDBUltimGrid in the Examples folder)

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