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0001708JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-30 05:18
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Summary0001708: Component JvComputerInfo don't exists in JVCL 3.00 Beta 1
DescriptionComponent JvComputerInfo don't exists in JVCL 3.00 Beta 1.
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2004-04-29 06:56


That's right. It has been converted to a TObject descendant due to errors in it's behavior. You have two options:
1. Create TJvComputerInfo manually in code and use as before
2. Update to the latest CVS verson of JVCL3 (or wait for the next beta release) and use JvComputerInfoEx instead.

JvComputerInfoEx is a non-destructive reimplementation of some of the functionality of JvComputerInfo and also adds a large amount of additional information not available in JvComputerInfo

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