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0001720JEDI VCL04 Feature Requestpublic2004-05-14 11:44
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Summary0001720: Check Value on pressing <Enter> in TJvSpinEdit
Description1) It's useful (I think) if SpinEdit performs value checking on pressing <Enter> (not on exit only). Pressing <Enter> says "End of input, check me".
2) How can I get notification on value cange? OnChange doesn't work... (JVCL2.10)
Additional Information1)I did it for me:
procedure TJvCustomSpinEdit.KeyDown(var Key: Word; Shift: TShiftState);
  inherited KeyDown(Key, Shift);
// >
  if Key = VK_RETURN CheckValueRange(Value, true);
// <
  if ArrowKeys and (Key in [VK_UP, VK_DOWN]) then
2) I did it too (dirty :():
procedure TJvCustomSpinEdit.Change;
  if Assigned(OnChange) then OnChange(Self);

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2004-05-05 23:57


Please upgrade to JVCL 3 for an OnChange fix.

Checking the value when ENTER is pressed is non-standard behavior and is better handled by writing your own KeyDown/KeyPress handler.

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