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0001744JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-08-03 07:24
ReporteranonymousAssigned Tomarcelb 
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Summary0001744: JvScheduledEvents erratic
DescriptionIn using ScheduledEvents, I see two behaviors. The first is that during the first day when the event is created, the events do not follow the expected event time. When a new day starts, the schedule starts occurring at the expected times. The second behavior, is when the events are created, the next scheduled event is days away. Snippet included

procedure TPluginMailRoom.SetAlarm;
  SE: TJvEventCollectionItem;
  if JvScheduledEvents.Events.Count > 0 then

  if TimesPerHour = 0 then Exit;

  SE := JvScheduledEvents.Events.Add;

  SE.Schedule.RecurringType := srkDaily;
  SE.Schedule.EndType := sekNone;
  SE.Schedule.StartDate := DateTimeToTimeStamp(Date);
  (SE.Schedule as IJclScheduleDayFrequency).StartTime := 0;
  (SE.Schedule as IJclScheduleDayFrequency).Interval :=
    (60 div TimesPerHour) * 60 * 1000;
  SE.OnExecute := JvScheduledEventsEventsExecute;

  PTSServer.StatusLog('MailRoom: Next Mail Check ' +
    DateToStr(TimeStampToDateTime(SE.Schedule.NextEvent(False))) +
    ':' + TimeToStr(TimeStampToDateTime(SE.Schedule.NextEvent(False))));
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2004-05-10 00:58

manager   ~0004200

Will investigate the first behavior. The second behavior could be explained by the fact that a daily schedule is set to EveryWeekDay by default (IIRC), which means it will skip the weekends. So if you tested this on saturday, it would not start firing before monday. Could that have been the issue in this case?


2004-05-10 05:11

viewer   ~0004204

Yes that would explain second behavior. I'll change but won't be able to confirm till next weekend.


2004-08-03 07:24

administrator   ~0004887

This bug has not had any activity for more than a month, it is therefore considered fixed.
To the original poster: If you think the issue is still there, even after having tested with the JVCL3, please create a new bug report.

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