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0001747JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-05-14 11:12
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Summary0001747: JVMruManager length of menu item
DescriptionIt would be nice to set the maximum lenght for the menu item and a switch if it should look like


There is a function PathCompactPath in jcl for this manipulation.
This would be helpfull to use MenuLocation := mruSibling
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2004-05-12 13:46


PathCompactPath doesn't support the "...notherDir\text.txt style" so that would have to be implemented manually (no biggie, though).

Supposing there was a MaxLength property, what would be best: MaxLength = pixels or MaxLength = characters?


2004-05-13 11:53

viewer   ~0004238

I would say the best for me is MaxLength = characters.


2004-05-13 13:09


I'm pleased because I checked in a version yesterday :) with two new properties:

propery MaxLength:integer; - sets the maximum number of characters to display of the path
property StartEllipsis:boolean; - if true, the first part of the path is removed, if false, the middle part of the path is removed

Note that MaxLength is approximate when StartEllipsis is false, and exact when it is false. This is due to how DrawText calculates the length of a string as opposed to just chopping of characters at the beginning of the path so it is <= MaxLength.

Try it out and let me know what you think.


2004-05-14 09:06

viewer   ~0004273

Looks great, thanks a lot!!!!


2004-05-14 11:12


You are welcome

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