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0001748JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-06-05 20:17
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Summary0001748: JvMenue painting issue
DescriptionAs you can see in the attached picture there is behind the Item "Fenster" some letter "er". It seems so that it is the last two letters from the caption.

This happens only with this menu item.

If I move over Hilfe then everything is OK.
If I move over Fenster this happens again.

> - Does this only happens with the XP style?
It happens with XPStyle, Officestyle, BtnLowered, BtnRaised,
ItemPainter (XP)
It happens not with Standard
> - Does Fenster have items?
Yes, see the screen shot
> - Does this happen to Fenster whatever its position is?
Yes, see the screen shot

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2004-05-10 12:11


TJvMenue Error.jpg (8,398 bytes)
TJvMenue Error.jpg (8,398 bytes)


2004-05-14 09:57

viewer   ~0004275


I had also this problem... with one menu item. I solved it simple, I deleted the item and then I created a new one, then it works fine :), btw. It is a bug...


2004-05-20 01:10

viewer   ~0004305

I think I found the basic problem.

The painting issue happens, if the imageindex is > -1


2004-05-23 23:20


> The painting issue happens, if the imageindex is > -1
This bug is present in all styles but I haven't been able to find where it goes wrong.


2004-06-04 05:04

administrator   ~0004465

Please try this:

In JvMenus.pas, at line 2202, insert this:

    // It is now time to draw the image. The image will not be
    // drawn for root menu items (non popup).
    if IsPopup then

then close the begin just before this code:

    // now that the image and check mark are drawn, we can
    // draw the text of the item (or a separator)

    if Item.Caption = Separator then

Recompile the packages and your application and let me know how this goes.


2004-06-05 09:36

reporter   ~0004478

I made an CVS update and checked if the new code was in. => OK
I used installer to create the new packages.
I set one imageindex to 1 (instead of -1).
I built the application.
I got the same error at run and designtime.
(Delphi 7.1 at W2K)



2004-06-05 20:17

administrator   ~0004479

Fixed in CVS, revision 1.56

Thanks for your help in solving that matter. The bug came from the fact that the orignal VCL code was drawing before us and actually takes into account images in top menu items. This is a source of bug (when images are too big) and is not supported in the JVCL.

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