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0001767JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-05-14 04:29
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Summary0001767: JvDateTimePicker - NullText does not really work
DescriptionI patched the function "CheckNullValue". If you want to show a NullText it must be enclosed within single quotes! The version before didn't that. Now it does.
Additional Information----
It is acceptable to include extra characters within the format string to
produce a more rich display. However, any nonformat characters must be
enclosed within single quotes. For example, the format string "'Today is:
'hh':'m':'s ddddMMMdd', 'yyy" would produce output like "Today is: 04:22:31
Tuesday Mar 23, 1996".

(Source: MSDN - DTM_SETFORMAT message)
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2004-05-13 07:00


JvDateTimePicker.pas (7,407 bytes)


2004-05-13 07:41

reporter   ~0004234

Sorry that I've posted anonym. It was me.


2004-05-14 04:29


Updated in CVS. Thanks!

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