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0001776JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-05-19 15:18
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Summary0001776: Error in Docking with tabbed Docking Panels
DescriptionHi there,

using the BETA1 from the download-section. Currently tinkering with the JVdocking stuff and it seems very nice. Using the VSnet DockStyle, the SaveDockTreeToAppStorage results in an error, when Dockpanels are grouped into Tabs. This does not happen, when the Panels are simply docked to each other, only, when I`m dragging one panel into the other to appear tabbed.
The error happens in JvDockInfo in line 402

if Control is TJvDockTabHostForm then
  and does not allow the application to be closed correctly until I manually undock the tabbed panels.
Is this already resolved, like the other messages in the bug-tracker? I do not know nuthin about VCS, and to be hones, don't want to know nuthing about it, so yes, I might not be on the most avtual release...

TNX, Nick
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2004-05-17 23:15


To the best of my knowledge, this has been resolved.


2004-05-19 00:48

viewer   ~0004300

Is there a download, where I can test this? I'm currently on the BETA1 from February, but did not find something newer in the Download Section.

Thankx, Nick


2004-05-19 02:43



2004-05-19 09:12

viewer   ~0004302

The daily snapshot works as intended. Entry can be closed.

Thanx, Nick

BTW, great work...


2004-05-19 15:18


Thanks for reporting back.

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