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0001818JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-06-01 01:31
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Summary0001818: JVNavigationPane - splitter OnClick
It will be useful to implement OnClick handler for Splitter in JVNavigationPane or simply add function which will
minimize JVNavigationPane (which will show only bottom icon bar) when you click on Splitter and Restore it if you click it again...

What do you think Peter?

See ya!


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2004-05-31 23:52


Sounds like a good idea. I'll publish the available events as OnSplitterXXX. To minimize all pages, set MaximizedCount := 0, to maximize all, set MaximizedCount := PageCount


2004-06-01 01:31


Fixed in CVS. I also made Splitter and IconPanel public for those that need access to them.

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