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0001831JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-06-25 05:00
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Summary0001831: JVStarfield flickering
Hi Peter

JVStarfield is flickering in the latest CVS.
Check it, what's wrong?
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2004-06-03 08:04

reporter   ~0004450

If you are checking this issue, please add "Visible" property to this component.
I know that when Active := False then Starfield is invisible...

But nice feature could be if Active = False and Visible := True,
then you will see static (stopped ) starfield...



2004-06-04 01:16


Add this to the constructor:

constructor TJvStarfield.Create(AOwner: TComponent);
  inherited Create(AOwner);
ControlStyle := ControlStyle + [csOpaque];

A rewrite of the paint procedure caused this problem...


2004-06-04 01:18


BTW, "Visible" is a standard property that denotes whether the control is showing at all or not.

Trying to reuse it as denoting whether the control is showing stars or not, is not good OOP practice.

I could probably add a "ClearStars" procedure that you could call when necessary.


2004-06-05 01:07

reporter   ~0004473

Yes, you're absolutely right...

But, when you're talking about OOP...

property "Active" should only start/stop the starfield and not
To SHOW & START when "true", or HIDE & STOP when "false" as it is now (this is not so clear)...

Good "OOP" example can be TAnimate Delphi control. It has also "active"
and "visible" property, you know how it works...

Consider nice effect when starfield is "flying" and you can it suddenly stop it and after some period of time continue "flying" from this point...

So it is up to you, maybe you will agree a little with me :)



2004-06-05 04:50


Actually, if you toggle the Active property, it does stop and start just as you request, at least in the latest CVS version.


2004-06-07 01:21


I've posted an update to CVS (fixed flicker and added Clear procedure + published Visible and useable events). Try it out and let me know what you think


2004-06-07 03:27

reporter   ~0004486

I will do it with pleasure, then I tell you my experiences :).

Thanx for now


2004-06-25 05:00


No reply, so assuming it works

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