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0001835JEDI VCL03 Donationspublic2004-06-14 02:52
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Summary0001835: Embeded Forms Framework - a TFrame alternative
DescriptionThe framework consits of a TPanel descendent (TEmbededFormPanel) which can show 'embeded' forms and a TFormLink component.

Here is how to use it :

Drop a TFormLink component on a form that you want to be embeded in another form (think of it as a substitute for a TFrame).

Drop a TEmbededFormPanel panel on another form and set its FormLink property to point to the link component. You will see the form at design time embeded in the panel. You can also have many panels pointing to the same embeded form and share it - this is something you can not do with TFrame.

The TEmbededInstanceFormPanel can be used when you want to create a new instance of the embeded form - just like a TFrame.

You can embed forms into embeded forms. You can also have a new instance embeded form share an embeded form with other shared embeded forms.

Demo program included.
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Thank you for the donation, we will take a look at it ASAP.

We will also need some contact info (name, e-mail etc).

If we decide to add it JVCL, we will probably ask for some kind of documentation. Do you have docs or are you willing to write some?


2004-06-11 02:41


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I am ready to add the embedded forms component(s) to JVCL but I need some additional information from you:
- You real name
- An e-mail where I/we can reach you
- Some documentation of the classes, preferably in the DTX format we use for all our help docs.

If you don't feel comfortable displaying your e-mail here, you can mail it to me directly (peter3 at users dot sourceforge dot net)

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2004-06-14 02:52


Thank you for the donation. It has now been added to the CVS. The components are a part of the JvAppFrm package and has been renamed to conform to JVCL code standard.

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