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0001836JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-06-08 02:38
ReporterSVitaliyAssigned Touser72 
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Summary0001836: Memory leak in TJvgGroupBox
DescriptionMemory leak occurs in TJvgGroupBox.Paint at line 421 in file JvgGroupBox. Objects TBrush, TPen, TFont, TBitmapCanvas are created but newer released.
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2004-06-05 20:23

administrator   ~0004480

I'm sorry, but that file doesn't create any object of the mentionned types.
What lead you to say there is a memory leak in that function ?
Are you sure it is not the AfterPaint handler that is leaking ?

2004-06-05 23:35


MDIAPP_MemCheck.log (27,632 bytes)


2004-06-05 23:36

reporter   ~0004482

I am using “MemCheck: the ultimate memory troubles hunter” ( – memory leak manager. It leads me to say that there is a memory leak. This information really may be wrong. However, this is for the first time when MemCheck fault.
I am upload file report of MemCheck.
P.S. When I first looked for the source code, I could not understand cause of the memory leak in that function.


2004-06-06 03:33

reporter   ~0004483

I had found real memory leak: objects FGlyphCollapsed and FGlyphExpanded not released.
Solution is adding their destruction in destructor of TJvgGroupBox. (I had check).
I am sorry that first pointer to error is invalid.


2004-06-08 02:38


Fixed in CVS

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