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0001860JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-01-26 00:53
ReporterAlexeiRAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.20 
Summary0001860: JvInterpreter: cannot access form fields
DescriptionI've attached application that creates scripted form.
A form tries to assign some public fields in OnCreate handler, but interpreter exception occurs.
The same with methods works well.
Fix that please!
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2004-06-14 09:49 (2,392 bytes)


2004-09-13 03:34

reporter   ~0005225

It seems that only 'published' fields is accessible. May be by design?


2004-09-14 05:13

developer   ~0005226

Last edited: 2004-09-14 05:15

It's by design. I have solution for this (works on beta1), but I can't check this solution on latest CVS because can't compile JvCore. May be developers will do it?
I will upload solution for beta1: (JvInterpreter.pas & JvInterpreterFm.pas). New code is marked by ($IFDEF CLASS_FIELDS_SUPPORT}.
This is list of changed routines:

destructor TJvInterpreterAdapter.Destroy;
procedure TJvInterpreterAdapter.ClearSource;
procedure TJvInterpreterUnit.InterpretClass(const Identifier: string);

TJvInterpreterForm: add new field FFieldList: TJvInterpreterVarList;
constructor TJvInterpreterForm.CreateNew
destructor TJvInterpreterForm.Destroy;
procedure TJvInterpreterFm.LoadForm(AForm: TJvInterpreterForm);
function TJvInterpreterFm.GetValue
function TJvInterpreterFm.SetValue

edited on: 09-14-04 05:15

2004-09-14 05:13 (45,572 bytes)


2004-09-14 22:17

developer   ~0005227

I missed "raise" statement in TJvInterpreterUnit.InterpretClass:

    raise; // <- here

more correct version of uploaded

2004-09-14 22:19 (45,581 bytes)

2004-09-20 03:38 (47,250 bytes)


2004-09-20 03:59

developer   ~0005240 (JvInterpreter.pas & JvInterpreterFm.pas) - is support for fields in interpreted forms, for latest JVCL(beta2), and without change of interface.
- new code is marked by {$IFDEF CLASS_FIELDS_SUPPORT}
- all fields are public
- property declaration not supported
- there is no control of correspondence between form resources (dfm) and form fields and methods


2005-08-10 03:27

administrator   ~0007767

Is this still applicable on the latest JVCL code ?


2005-08-18 07:57

developer   ~0007810

Last edited: 2005-08-18 08:04

This is still applicable.
I tested form fields support with JVCL3 release.
I will post new files based on JVCL3 release code (not latest CVS files, because interfase changed - there are new RsArrayToArrayAssignment const, SubStrBySeparator function and so on).
Code still marked with CLASS_FIELDS_SUPPORT comment

And this is new small issue:
TJvInterpreterAdapter can work with same identifiers from different units, for example:
But in current realization after "compilation" adapter looses information about units for some identifiers. I added code to store information about unit names. This is functions:
Look on strings marked with comment: // Ivan_ra (unit control & form designer)
For example:

procedure TJvInterpreterAdapter.AddClassEx(const UnitName: string; AClassType: TClass;
  const Identifier: string; Data: Pointer);
  JvInterpreterClass: TJvInterpreterClass;
  JvInterpreterClass := TJvInterpreterClass.Create;
  JvInterpreterClass.FClassType := AClassType;
  JvInterpreterClass.Identifier := Identifier;
  JvInterpreterClass.Data := Data;
  JvInterpreterClass.UnitName := UnitName; // Ivan_ra (unit control & form designer)
  FSorted := False; // Ivan_ra

Now compiled code has information about UnitName. This code added to sended file too.

2005-08-18 08:01 (47,892 bytes)


2005-08-29 00:12

developer   ~0007884

Nevertheless, for me it would be better to change interface:
1. Create new class TJvInterpreterSrcClass with special field/property VarList:TJvInterpreterVarList (public); We also must to add Create/Destroy methods to class to handle this list; May be, Assign method too.
Objects of this class will be members of TJvInterpreterAdapter.FSrcClassList. So, fields information will store in special list, not in data as in my solution
2. Add private field FVarList: TJvInterpreterVarList to TJvInterpreterForm. This field must substitute FMethodList[0] pointer in my solution.
3. See also issue 0003166


2006-01-25 13:07

developer   ~0008456

This closed in 0003420


2006-01-26 00:53

administrator   ~0008459

As indicated by ivan_ra, this is fixed in 0003420

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