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0001883JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-08-03 07:40
ReporteranonymousAssigned Toobones 
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Summary0001883: TJvSpinEdit AutoSelect doesent work for default value
DescriptionTJvSpinEdit AutoSelect doesent work for default (or "empty") value. Ie set ValueType to vtInteger (default) and use TAB key to move focus to the spinedit. The caret will end up before current value (which is 0 by default) without selecting it and when you press ie 1 the value will be 10. Next time you Tab into spinedit value will be selected so that pressing any key ovverrides it (as expected).
This inconsistent behaviour is wery annoying.
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2004-06-24 04:25

developer   ~0004612

I cannot reproduce this.

What version of JVCL do you use?

Please upload a small demo application, or the dfm file so I can see your settings.


2004-06-25 02:53

viewer   ~0004619

Sorry about not providing enough information right away...
D5.1Pro; JVCL3.00 Beta (first official beta release IIRC)

SpinEdit in the DFM looks like this:

  object SEHours: TJvSpinEdit
    Left = 185
    Top = 40
    Width = 57
    Height = 24
    Alignment = taRightJustify
    MaxValue = 71
    TabOrder = 2
    OnChange = KestusChange

and OnChange event doesn't mess with selection.


2004-06-25 08:28

developer   ~0004633

I still can't reproduce it; although I only test against the newest version of JVCL.

You could try to set a breakpoint in the TJvCustomSpinEdit.DoEnter procedure in JvSpin.pas and check whether the program gets to that point.

What I suspect is that it will never gets to that point; this indicates that there was a problem in the JvEx* units, and that it is fixed in the latest JVCL3.


2004-08-03 07:40

administrator   ~0004902

This bug has not had any activity for more than a month, it is therefore considered fixed.
To the original poster: If you think the issue is still there, even after having tested with the JVCL3, please create a new bug report.

To get the latest JCL and JVCL please go to these sites:

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