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0001887JEDI VCL03 Donationspublic2004-06-27 04:29
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Summary0001887: Donation example for AppStorage
DescriptionI demonstrated most of the features of FormStorage and AppStorage such as utilizing substorages with paths in order to delegate to different storage types without specifically calling different components to do the task. I also used multiple examples to keep each "tutorial" type task simple as possible. Each example is incrementally more interesting.

The *problem* came in with the Form storage component. For some reason, it can't seem to find the correct path. I don't think this is a bug, but it could be. The example I am having trouble with is the example 3. Otherwise, the examples are in good shape and ready to go.

I was frustrated, this is almost the entire reason I did the example, I just wanted a very simple demonstration of how to use jvAppStorage as a conduit for substorages.

Anyway, I donate this, may someone figure out what I am doing wrong or what is going wrong please. I am watching this report with anticipation!
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2004-06-24 06:52

viewer   ~0004614

Heinz says:

the error is in JvPropertyStorage.pas. This unit use a dot "." to separate path elements. Change "%s.%s" to "%s\%s" and it shoud work, but I have tested it only for the StoreStringsProperty and LoadStringsProperty methods (they are implicit called in your example). I haven't write access, so I can't change it in the CVS.

Ciao Heinz Z.


2004-06-27 04:29

developer   ~0004640

I have added your examples to the repositories.

The bug results of the problem that when you load the form then FormStorage tries to load the properties. But in this moment the substorages are not initialised.

Look at the uploaded examples. No it works without any problems.

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