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0001888JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-07-05 00:24
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Summary0001888: JclSysInfo Error
DescriptionI have update my jvcl 2.10 with But I still got EZeroDivide Floting Point Division By Zero on Pentium IV and XP.
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2004-06-24 03:26

developer   ~0004611

The is a fix for another problem as decribed in the readme.txt file in that zip.

To fix the EZeroDivide bug you need to upgrade JCL. You have 2 options:


Get the newest JCL (currently 1.91 rc2) from sourceforge. You also need to get the latest JVCL. Unfortunately there is currently no release from sourceforge that works with the newest JCL so you have to get the newest JVCL from CVS. If that is a problem go for option 2.

Download the newest JCL (currently 1.91 rc2), but use it only to copy the code of the GetCPUSpeed function from the new JclSysInfo.pas file to the JclSysInfo.pas file from your current JCL installation.


2004-07-05 00:24

administrator   ~0004685

This is assumed to be resolved

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