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0002046JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-10-05 11:28
ReporterReinoAssigned Touser72 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.00 RC 1 
Summary0002046: TjvPageControl error in win98 en win2000 pro
DescriptionApplications do not start in win98 and crashes with an error in de user.dll and in win2000 with an error in the ntdll.dll
This happens when all the tabs are selected : not visible
Additional InformationThe error is the file JvComCtrls.pas in the procedure TJvPageControl.SetHideAllTabs(const Value: Boolean); The line : if FHideAllTabs then TabStop := False; triggered the error.
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2004-08-09 23:22


JvComCtrls.pas (50,700 bytes)


2004-08-10 01:32


Set a breakpoint on that line and when you reach it, check the value of HandleAllocated (Ctrl+F7, type "HandleAllocated", <ENTER>). What do you get?


2004-08-10 02:44

viewer   ~0004978

The HandleAllocated returns True.

When I change the property Tabstop into SaveActivePage.TabStop, then no error is returned and the bug is fixed.


2004-08-10 06:31


> When I change the property Tabstop into
> SaveActivePage.TabStop, then no error is returned and the bug is fixed.
But that is not the same. The code is trying to disable tabbing into the page control (and thus disable tabbing into the child tabs). Your change disables tabbing into the active tab only.

FWIW, I am not able to duplicate the error using W2k.

Are you setting HideAllTabs somewhere in code? Where (in what event/context)?


2004-08-11 00:02

reporter   ~0004986

No other events added, only a OnShow and a OnHide with no special things. The HideAllTabs is only set in the Properties. When I build a sample application that uses the pagecontrol, there is no error.
Only in the full application I get this error. (uses infopower components)


2004-08-11 01:16


> Only in the full application I get this error. (uses infopower components)
So, this error could be related to the component(s) on the tabs? If you remove the Infopower stuff, do you still get the error?


2004-08-19 02:25

reporter   ~0005020

I removed all the components, no success (also in the uses list). The error stays as I change the property HideallTabs > True, otherwise no errors. I think that one of the many used components triggered the error, but finding that component is a major task (I think) When I create a new application no errors. So when I have lots of time I start a search to find the component.


2004-08-19 23:57


As a temporary solution, set HideAllTabs := true at run-time (for example, in the OnCreate event of the form). As I am unable to duplicate the error, I cannot debug it either.


2004-09-23 06:26


I've committed the proposed change but as I am unable to dupliacte the error, I am not sure this actually fixes anything.


2004-10-05 11:28


Since there is no reply, I am assuming this now works

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