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0002182JEDI VCL04 Feature Requestpublic2005-08-28 09:38
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Product Version3.00 BETA 2 
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Summary0002182: request feature for network and storage information for TJvComputerInEx
Descriptioni would like to know how and what is network card was in my computer, and wat connexion network i have, and the state
In TJvComputerInEx i see memory, CPU, OS, ... but not network and storage.
It's good to add this property (or function??):
- network :
     - interface : count, name, description, ID, MACadresse, link protocol(tcpip, ipx, netbios, udp,etc...), state (disabled, linked, diconnected, ...),speed, transmited, received, etc..)
     - connexion : count, state, name, interface name or ID interface, protocols (if tcpip, get info ip etc, as command "ipconfig.exe /all" ...), client(microsoft, novell) and service associate (share networking, etc...).
Action for tcpip : renew ip adresse, disable/enable interface, event disconnexion reconnexion, etc...

The most important information is : count of interface and connexions, state, name interface ans connexion, tcpip:ip for each connexion, mac adress for each interface if possible only. the command ipconfig /all to get info tcpip and name interface and name connexion and too MACaddresse is cool but by programming it's best but is hard and depend OS.

i need too to get size /information/model of hard drive,floppy, USB drive (removable) and partition size/structure/type.

Should be OS independent (win9x, win2k, xp, ...) and optionnally dynamic (for changement).
 ** thank future if everybody do that! ****
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2004-09-28 05:59

reporter   ~0005270

i need too to control hard drive surface : write, read with opening file "\\.\PhysicalDrive0" for example.
i know do thas in winNT (2000 and up) but in win9x it's not work alwas (never) because thas work difference with win9x, and i need to more easy read/write on storage with a property for example ([0].surface[1000456200]:=112 for example), see to read/write hard drive with win9x.
function windows reference : DeviceIoControl, CreateFile('\\.\PhysicalDrive0',....).

Not time to implement this, sorry !


2004-10-04 23:57


If you can provide some information about the APIs used to query the network settings and/or the disk information, you stand a better chance of gettin git implemented. Note that JvComputerInfoEx already have some basic disk and IP info properties in the Identification subclass.

The ability to write to specific disk sectors will not be added to JvComputerInfoEx. A separate component for disk writing could conceivably be written, but I think that wrapping it into a standard class (TObject or TPersistent based) or simplified functions would be better.

Feel free to implement and donate.


2004-10-05 08:30

viewer   ~0005310

I think a method to save the computer-information to a TJvSimpleXML Document would be enormously useful!

2004-10-06 12:40 (259,592 bytes)


2004-10-06 13:11

reporter   ~0005327

Last edited: 2004-10-06 22:49

peter3 you say "JvComputerInfoEx already have some basic disk and IP info properties in the Identification subclass", i see IPAdress but not for disk properies !!?? i am "blind man" or not !!!??? :-)
i have added a file zip : :
it's a program in delphi 6 pro (standard components) i have do this tool since 1 year (07-2003) because i haved need to low level format a USB storage,i have decided to try to do that by programming (clear totally a disk) AND IT WORK GOOD !!! :-) it work on win2000 and xp ; on 98 too it work but i have see not on all PCs with win98, and i after i have see on that on win9x it's diferents! (why it's work sometimes on some win98 PC ?? i don't know!).
how it work : checkbox1 is for enabled "list ALL disks, and not only USB drives, click button1, select disk in combobox1, set value in spinedit to fill on disk surface with value (0 for clear=low level format) and clik on button button2 to clear disk or other (simuler=read, ecrir=write, verifier=check/compare if clear, speedbutton1 to stop processing, you can analyse my code to understand how it work (it's free!) and to create a component to write/read/info disk. if it can to help....
WARNING, my mail to contact me (for ddmutil) is
Get me your comments ...

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2004-10-07 05:41


Basic disk info:

  property VolumeName[const Drive: string]
  property VolumeSerialNumber[const Drive: string]
  property VolumeFileSystem[const Drive: string]

Not impressed? Well, I *did* say it was basic ;)

About ddmutil:
I don't have time to write new components (maybe someone else will pick it up) but if you can give me some hints on useable API's and docs for getting detailed network and disk info, I'll have a look at adding that to JvComputerInfoEx, but I make no promises.


2004-10-07 10:40

reporter   ~0005338

* ouups !!! for "basic info storage" ! i have not look the function is in source code, because i have searched in published component property inspector! sorry! thank !! (but it's very very basic as you say ! :-) )

okay, i'm going to get API's and docs for getting detailed network and disk info to help you for implementation and post here ...
(my ddmutil is a good example to manipulate disk, nore info was found on delphi help (win32s.hlp) and too on msdn microsoft, but i don't remember all very good i have create it...)


2005-05-20 03:07

administrator   ~0007265

Any news on this ?


2005-08-28 09:38

administrator   ~0007874

Ok, no news, closing the issue.
Please open a new one if need be.

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