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0002184JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-08-28 09:06
ReportergskoczylasAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformDelphi 7 Ent. + Update Pack 1OSWindows XP ProfessionalOS VersionService Pack 1
Product Version3.00 BETA 2 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.10 
Summary0002184: TJvSpeedBar background is not refreshed
DescriptionComponent TJvSpeedBar does not refresh his background correctly - neither in design mode nor in run-time mode.

Background is partially black, removed buttons are still visible.
Steps To ReproducePut bot TJvSpeedBar and TButton components on form. In "OnClick" event call TSpeedBar1.StartCustomize(0);

In design mode: invoke context menu for TJvSpeedBar and execute "SpeedBar designer".

In run-time mode: click button.
Additional InformationIn version 2.x this component worked correctly.
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2004-09-28 14:49

reporter   ~0005272

Last edited: 2004-09-28 14:50

I confirme too : background it's black, but the problem is visible only at design time with last jcl and jvcl, not at run time, and at design time the moving buttons placement don't remember the relative position of mouse, the mouse is automatically placed at lower corner right ( :-( ) it's normal ??? it's best if is't relative coordinate position i found for moving/(un)placement buttons.

i think it's because TJvBtnControl.Paint draw a void image/glyph (black) but i'm not sure

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2004-10-05 00:02


Actually, this problem has been present for a long time. If you haven't seen it before, you've just been lucky. As long as it doesn't manifest itself at run-time, it will get very low priority


2004-10-05 00:33

reporter   ~0005306

In JVCL version 2.x this problem was only in design-time.

In JVCL 3 this problem occurs both in design-time and in run-time. For me it's major problem.


2004-10-05 00:55


Last edited: 2004-10-12 04:22

> In JVCL 3 this problem occurs
> both in design-time and in run-time.
Look at Nanotonnes reply: "the problem is visible only at design time with last jcl and jvcl".

Please get the latest jcl and jvcl and try again. Post again if it still persists.

I am not able to reproduce this (at run-time)

edited on: 10-12-04 04:22


2004-11-19 01:31

administrator   ~0005673

Please try with the latest zip files and tell us if the problem is fixed. These files are available here:

If we don't hear from you in the next 7 days, we will consider this issue fixed.


2004-11-22 15:10

reporter   ~0005690

In design-time latest version of TSpeedBar is working a bit better (but still not correct).

In run-time it's working better, but still not correct. In this mode, when button is moved to new position, button's image is left in previous location.

I have installed the newest versions of JCL and JVCL (Nov 20, 2004).

2004-11-22 15:11


SpeedBar.JPG (16,972 bytes)
SpeedBar.JPG (16,972 bytes)


2004-11-27 14:33


Try changing (JvSpeedbar.pas):

procedure TJvSpeedBarButton.VisibleChanged;
  if Visible then
    ControlStyle := ControlStyle - [csNoDesignVisible];
    ControlStyle := ControlStyle + [csNoDesignVisible];

REcompile the RT package. Does it work better?


2004-11-27 17:27

reporter   ~0005734

Now component is working correctly in design-time.

In run-time after button is moved his image is visible in current and all previous positions.

I have added to your code additional instructions (marked as "GSk"):
procedure TJvCustomSpeedButton.VisibleChanged;
  if Visible then
    ControlStyle := ControlStyle - [csNoDesignVisible];
    ControlStyle := ControlStyle + [csNoDesignVisible];
  if Parent <> nil then // GSk
    Parent.Invalidate; // GSk

With this additional instructions component is working in run-time a bit better but still not perfect.


2004-11-28 04:03


> In run-time after button is moved his
> image is visible in current and all previous positions.
I can't duplicate this. What version of Delphi are you using?


2004-11-28 04:44

reporter   ~0005736

Delphi Enterprise Version 7.1 (Build 8.1) -- with Update Pack 1
Windows XP Professional + SP2


2004-11-28 05:03


> Windows XP Professional + SP2
This could be the difference. I am using W2k and have tested the new code with D5-D7. Anyone else using XP that can verify that it doesn't work? Anyone else using W2k that can verify that it does work?


2004-11-28 12:56


Try this:
procedure TJvSpeedBar.Paint;
    inherited Paint;
    Canvas.Brush.Color := Color;
    {$IFDEF JVCLThemesEnabled}
    if ThemeServices.ThemesEnabled and ParentBackground then
      Canvas.Brush.Color := Parent.Brush.Color;
      DrawThemedBackground(Self, Canvas, Rect);
    {$ENDIF JVCLThemesEnabled}


2004-11-29 12:37

reporter   ~0005757

Last edited: 2004-11-29 12:38

In design-time component is still working perfectly.

In run-time behavior is following:
When I start to move buton I see image of that button both in starting position and in current position. When I drop button on speedbar I see only one button in dropped position. It is not perfect. In design-time I always see only one button.

Unfortunately when button is removed (moved out of speedbar) then button's image is still visible in his last position.


2004-11-29 12:45


Is JvSppedbar.ParentBackground true? If it is, try setting it to false and check if it makes any difference. I am suspecting this is an XP problem.


2004-11-29 17:17

reporter   ~0005761

SpeedBar.ParentBackgroud is True. After changing them to False and recompiling my application component's behaviour is still the same (incorrect).

May be it is XP problem but... in design-time component is working perfect. Only in run-time it is incorrect.


2005-08-10 03:38

administrator   ~0007772

Is this still here with the latest code ?


2005-08-28 09:06

administrator   ~0007866

No answers, considering this fixed.
Please post a new issue, child of this one, should the problem still be there.

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