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0002222JEDI VCL04 Feature Requestpublic2004-10-22 13:48
ReporterNanotonneAssigned Touser72 
Status resolvedResolutionwon't fix 
Product Version3.00 BETA 2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002222: need for TJVListView1 to sort too by IP adress (or too Mac Adress network)
Descriptioni need to sort items of jvlistview by ip adresse and too by mac adress (ipv4 for ip :, and for macadresse style : 00-0C-76-20-E3-A9 or 000C7620E3A9, ore more generally : n.n.n.n. ... n.n and h-h-h-h ... h-h
n is a decimals numbers values 0 to 255 and h is a hexadecimals byte value (00 to ff) separate with eventually "-".
The sorting by string don't work correctly statisfaction because i have a result sort below :,,,,, ..., and is UNABLE to good sorting IP addresses, if we can add this feature...

i need too a property called tryingsort:boolean to trying sort 2 item with different type, if comparing is unable to detect type or the type is different, finnally sort comparing by string; it's for not raising error and force sorting (continuing) other elements if possible.

.... or why not add preferedtype=(automatic, date, time, string, ipadresse, number, ...) property for Columns item and use it to (helping for) sorting ?
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2004-10-13 01:28

reporter   ~0005373

possible too to sorting by reversing string character(left to right and not right to left), example for "ccc, aaa, aab, aac,caa,cac, cab" is resulting not "aaa, aab, aac, caa, cab, cac, ccc" but this : "aaa, caa, aab, cab, aac, cac, ccc) ? thank !


2004-10-14 00:35

developer   ~0005379

What about adding something like "OnCompare"?


2004-10-14 12:47

reporter   ~0005384

i don't know, possible yes, but i don't know very good how to programming this, or add a property for this i component. i don't have very time to code this, and i need to sort coloumn by IP adresse whitout code added adapted, and i woould like too no exception up raised (in certain case is need) if is not a good type recognition or type are differents, and try to sort/compare as string or other type. If everyone can encode this.... i say he thank !


2004-10-14 13:15

administrator   ~0005387

I'm sorry, but we can't develop such things just for one particular application. As suggested by Jens, we could add something along the lines of OnCompare, but we won't do your suggestion of preferred type.


2004-10-14 13:30


ListViews already have an OnCompare event for this very purpose.


2004-10-14 23:38

reporter   ~0005393

okay, i'm going to see

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